Map of Cuba, maps of Havana, Varadero. Destination Cuba, rent.

With a tourist map in hand the visitor can easily travel around Cuba from one end to another and in every corner he will find a native friend ready to provide generous assistance. En Cuba offers several maps of different tourist destinations, for proper orientation and wishes to traveler a happy stay in the island.

How to travel to Cuba?

Travels to Cuba for tourism have increased exponentially in recent years; this is mainly due to the economic offers of airlines with Cuba destination and by the new government laws that have allowed the growing of private businesses, like our holiday homes.

On our website, for information, we will show different airlines working to Cuba.

Transportation in Cuba.

For transportation within the city or to the provinces you can select us. We will show you the best options that you can choose: Taxis, buses, car for rent, aircraft, etc. The preference most used by the tourists visiting our island is to rent cars. You can rent classics cars, traveling in another age or modern cars can be rented with the comforts of the present. This option is cheaper than state offers because the price is adjustable dealing with the owner and you can request 24 hours service, several days, with or without driver included.