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The town of Playa is among the most coveted zones by tourists and natives. If you choose a rental house in Miramar, Siboney or Santa Fe, you will enjoy the most luxurious neighborhoods of all Cuba, away from the metropolitan bustle and at the same time very close to the center.

The visitor with an accommodation in this town can delight his holiday with the most exclusive mansions in modernist style, and have on hand the most sumptuous recreation options such as: Havana Club, the Marina Hemingway and Tropicana: the most famous cabaret in the island.

Accommodation in hotels in Miramar. Comparison to villas and houses for rent in Havana.

Casa independiente en Miramar The price of hotels in Miramar generally ranges between 60 and 280 CUC, depending on the category of the hotel, however, although they have all inclusive deals, they can’t compete with the economic proposals offered by our owners.

Our rental deals in Miramar, starts from cheap prices (30CUC) by renting rooms, an apartment or house. Accommodations with pools (about 100 or 120cuc) easily exceed any 5-stars hotel for privacy and comfort.

Any house for rent in Miramar or Siboney, whether economic or luxury will exceed your expectations and will allow you to enjoy a neighborhood built in the heyday of our island.

We are at your entire disposal!

Best offerts

  • Luxury accommodation in Havana. Holidays in house for rent.

    Wonderful rent house in Siboney. Enjoy a luxury accommodation with swimming pool in Havana, Cuba.

    100 CUC daily for room

  • House for rent per months in Havana, Miramar. Long stay

    House rent per months in Miramar. Beautiful house with 4 rooms and vast gardens. Space for several cars.

    2500 CUC monthly

  • Rent house in Havana per months. Rental in Miramar with swimming pool.

    Fantastic rent house per months in Miramar. Wide areas, three bedrooms, swimming pool.

    250 CUC daily.

  • Accommodation for rent. Travel to Cuba for holidays.

    Enjoyment of a good house for rent in Miramar with 2 air-conditioned bedrooms and gardens of an incomparable beauty.

    40 CUC daily for room

  • Accommodation in Miramar. Rent house in Cuba with 4 rooms.

    Wide house for rent with two floors in Miramar, 4 air-conditioned rooms and incredible patios for relax and recreation.

    40 CUC daily for room.

  • Rent in Miramar for holidays. House for rent with 4 rooms.

    Accommodation for holidays in an agreeable house in Miramar. Take advantage of this rental with 4 rooms.

    30 CUC daily for room

  • Rent accommodation in Miramar for holidays. Rent house.

    Beautiful house in Miramar for rent very close to the best recreational options, 3 cozy bedrooms and a wide terrace.

    40 CUC daily for room.

  • Casa en Cuba, alquiler en Miramar. Rentar casa de 3 habitaciones.

    Luxury rent house in Miramar of three bedrooms, very wide gardens and courtyards. Space for several cars.

    40 CUC daily for room.

  • Apartment for rent in Miramar. Accommodation with sight to the sea.

    Luxury apartment for rent in Miramar. 4 rooms rent with a beautiful sight to the sea.

    50 CUC daily for room.

  • House with pool for rent in Cuba. Holidays: Luxury rent the Havana

    This luxury rent in Havana is designed for you spend your best holidays in Cuba. The house has an impressive swimming pool to have fun with your friends.

    400 CUC diarios por toda la casa

  • House with pool in Cuba. Deluxe rent in the Havana with 5 bedrooms

    Immense deluxe house with wide pool in Siboney. Take advantage of 5 air-conditioned bedrooms and numerous areas to sunbathe and to relax in family.

    100 CUC daily for room.