Houses in Old Havana, Cuba. Rental rooms and apartments

If you love architecture and history there is no better place than Old Havana. San Cristobal de la Habana, as it was called anciently, encloses the largest architectural beauty and variety of our island. To find a rental house in Old Havana, you can choose among luxurious colonial mansions and palaces of artistic trellises and enchanted indoor gardens.

Alquiler barato en la habana vieja A rent in Old Havana is traveling back in time, to an age of cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, damsels in long dresses, as well as places full of history like the El Floridita restaurant, where Ernest Hemingway drank his famous Daiquiris, La Bodeguita del Medio faithful evidence of the passage of time or the newly reopened bar Sloppy Joe's, the greater witness of the most important personalities of the world who visited our country in old times.

Accommodation in hotels in Havana Vieja. Comparison with rental houses.

Casa de renta en la habana vieja The prices of hotels in Old Havana, generally oscillate between 50 and 220 CUC, depending on the hotel category. Our range of offerings of apartments, rooms and houses in Old Havana, earn a lot in economy and comfort. Always special treatment and service that is adapted to each client. Don’t doubt that a rent in Old Havana is the perfect combination of enjoyment, admiration and culture.

Best offerts

  • Apartment for rent in Old Habana. Two rooms for rent.

    Accommodation in Old Havana. Agreeable 2 rooms apartment very close to the Cathedral.

    25 CUC daily for room

  • Accommodation in Old Havana, Cuba. Rent 2 rooms.

    Apartamento con dos cuartos climatizados en la Habana Vieja. Renta en el centro del casco Histórico de la ciudad.

    25 CUC daily for room

  • Apartment for rent in Old Havana. 1 room rent.

    Nice and independent apartment in Old Havana with 1 room and very close to El Paseo del Prado and the Bellas Artes museum.

    30 CUC daily for room

  • Accommodation in Old Havana. House for rent with 2 rooms.

    Beautiful apartment for rent with 2 rooms, very wide and very close to the Paseo del Prado.

    25 CUC daily for room

  • Rent house in Old Havana, 3 rooms accommodation.

    Magnificent colonial house for rent in the historical center of Old Havana, 3 rooms and wide areas to rest.

    30 CUC double rooms y 45 CUC triple rooms

  • Rent in Old Havana. Colonial accommodation with 2 rooms.

    Beautiful colonial apartment in Old Havana, wide areas to relax and 2 comfortable rooms.

    25 CUC daily for room

  • Cheap accommodation in Old Havana. Rental of 3 rooms.

    Economic house for rent in Old Havana. Beautiful and independent rooms in the historical center of Havana.

    25 CUC daily for room.