Houses for rent in Varadero beach, Cuba. Varadero Hotels

Alquiler en Varadero The visitor of Varadero is haunted by its blue waters and the beauty of its landscapes. An accommodation in Varadero will make you can´t be separated from the fine sands, or its transparent and warm waters.

Which to choose: Hotels in Varadero or houses for rent?

Casa en Varadero Our intention: you live a unique experience, for that, our holiday homes in Varadero exists at very competitive prices.

The amounts of the accommodations in rental houses in Varadero oscillate between 25 and 40 CUC per room. If we compare these prices with the hotels in Varadero: where a single room can fluctuate between 55 and 200 CUC per night, depending on the category, you could easily see the advantage of our rental homes.

A villa, apartment or house for rent in Varadero saves you double or triple the cost.

Our rental houses are likely to have the highest rate of satisfaction customers who visit our island´s accommodation. Our preference is due, not only to our economic lodgings, but the space and comfort of our rental villas and apartments on the beach and, above all, to our home environments, discrete and unprejudiced, capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.

You can be convinced this: excellence is what you'll find in your holiday accommodation in Varadero and remember: "A perfect beach is just the beginning."

Best offerts

  • Travel to Varadero, Cuba, accommodation at rent house in the beach.

    Papo’s House, wonderful rent house for your holidays in Varadero. 2 rooms rent very close to the Josone Park.

    30 CUC daily per room.

  • House in Varadero beach, 2 rooms rental.

    House rent in Varadero beach, at the edge of the sand. 3 air-conditioned rooms for its holidays in Cuba.

    30 CUC daily per room.

  • Apartment in Varadero beach. Rent 2 rooms in Cuba.

    Comfortable rent apartment in Varadero beach, 2 air-conditioned rooms and private bath.

    35 CUC daily per room. 70 CUC the whole apartment.

  • Accommodation in Varadero, Cuba. House in the beach with 4 rooms.

    Very comfortable accommodation in Varadero beach, 4 rooms conditioned especially for your enjoyment.

    30 CUC daily per room.

  • Accommodation in Varadero. Rent in the beach with 3 rooms.

    Great accommodation offer in Varadero beach, 3 rooms with air conditioning and wide terraces.

    30 CUC diarios por habitación.

  • Accommodation in Varadero beach, Cuba. Rent house with 3 rooms.

    Fantastic rent house in Varadero beach, accommodation in 3 independent apartments and magnificent terrace.

    30 CUC daily per room.

  • Rent house in Varadero, 4 rooms rent in the beach.

    Beautiful house in the Varadero beach for rent, 4 comfortable rooms with independent entries. Entire privacy.

    30 CUC daily per room.

  • Apartment for rent in Varadero. House in the beach with 2 rooms.

    Apartment for rent in Varadero beach, 2 air-conditioned and very comfortable rooms, very close to the beach.

    35 CUC daily (single bedroom). 40 CUC daily (one bedroom with kitchen). 70 CUC the whole apartment. H1: Apartment for rent in Varadero. House in the b