Accommodation in Santiago de Cuba. Rental houses and cheap rooms

When you choose an accommodation in Santiago de Cuba, you will be in touch with one of the oldest villages of our island. Here the visitor finds true attractive areas as the Céspedes Park, the Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the architectural jewels of the province, magnificent natural parks like: Baconao Park and the famous Valley of Prehistory, a place that has more than two hundred stone sculptures.

You can also complete your overnight stay in our rental houses with a set of attractive cultural offerings such as the Tropicana cabaret and theater Santiago Heredia.

Santiago de Cuba hotels and accommodations in rental houses.

The hotels in Santiago de Cuba, as in the rest of our country, are far from competing with our offers. For example: a cheap hotel accommodation prices can be between 55 and 80 CUC per day, while one as the Meliá Santiago are priced between 90 and 200 CUC per room.

By contrast, an accommodation in a house for rent in Santiago de Cuba has prices much cheaper than hotels state. Rent houses villas either, apartments or rooms, can have prices between 25 and 30 CUC per room, breakfast ranges from 3 to 6 CUC and dinner from 6 and 12 CUC. Furthermore, the owners are very flexible with the number of guests per room. In this way, you can fully optimize your money with maximum comfort in holiday homes perfectly equipped for a pleasant stay.

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  • House for rent in Santiago de Cuba. Accommodation with 1 room.

    Economic rent in Santiago de Cuba, take advantage of this agreeable house for rent with 1 room and air conditioning.

    25 CUC diarios.

  • House for rent in Santiago de Cuba. Accommodation with 2 rooms.

    Beautiful colonial house for rent in Santiago de Cuba, 2 air-conditioned double rooms, very wide rooms.

    25 CUC daily per room.

  • Rent house in Santiago de Cuba. Trips and holidays in Cuba.

    To enjoy your holidays in Cuba this rent house in Santiago de Cuba is perfect, 3 rooms and an incredible sight to the city.

    30 CUC daily per room.

  • Accommodation in Santiago de Cuba. House for rent, 4 rooms.

    Offer of house for rent in Santiago de Cuba, 4 comfortable rooms with air conditioning.

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