Luxury rental homes in Havana, Cuba. Beautiful houses for your vacation.

casa con piscina en Cuba En Cuba has, among its wide range of properties, luxury accommodation in houses designed for the most demanding customers. In them, the visitor will be enchanted with its beautiful buildings, gardens, jacuzzis and swimming pools. In addition, we have food service at the height of the most elegant restaurants with dishes from the local and international food and top cocktails.

Accommodation in 5 stars hotels and villas compared to luxury rental in Havana.

casas de lujo en Cuba In any luxury hotel in Cuba, the price for a single room ranges between 120 and 220 CUC, while, for a double one, the cost ranges between 170 and 300 CUC.

Quickly the customer can realize what advantageous is to stay in our luxury rental houses with prices per room between 50 and 120 cuc much lower than the state offers and with a superior comfort. A rent in a luxury home will not only save your money, but you can enjoy incredible mansions with idyllic landscapes that will profoundly mark your spirit.

If you plan is to give your body and soul the pleasure you deserve on your trip to Cuba, do not hesitate to go for us, our luxurious accommodations and the wonderful traditional cuisine will make you feel like if you were born again.

We are at your entire disposal!

Best offerts

  • Luxury rent in Havana. Mansion with swimming pool in Miramar.

    Spectacular rent house in Siboney. Four rooms accommodation, beautiful gardens and swimming pool.

    0 CUC daily for 4 rooms

  • Luxury house for rent in Miramar. Accommodation in house in Cuba.

    Nice deluxe house for rent in Miramar. You will fall in love with its good taste and comfort. Three rooms for rent.

    50 CUC daily for room

  • Rental house in Miramar, Cuba. Luxury accommodation in Havana

    Beautiful rental house in Miramar. Three rooms, three baths, wide garden and a patio of daydream.

    40 CUC daily for room

  • Luxury accommodation in Havana. Holidays in house for rent.

    Wonderful rent house in Siboney. Enjoy a luxury accommodation with swimming pool in Havana, Cuba.

    100 CUC daily for room

  • House with swimming pool in Siboney. Renting luxury house in Havana, Cuba

    Charming luxury house for rent in Siboney. Beautiful swimming pool with vast vegetation and area for barbecues.

    250 CUC dailys for the whole house. Area

  • Luxury accommodation in El Vedado. Rent house in Cuba, with Jacuzzi

    Luxury rent house in El Vedado. Magnificent accommodation in Cuba with Jacuzzi, mini-gym and wide rest areas.

    50 CUC the suite, with Jacuzzi. Normal rooms: 40 and 30 CUC daily.

  • Deluxe house for rent with 7 rooms. Accommodation with swimming pool.

    Magnificent mansion in Miramar. Accommodation with 7 rooms, swimming pool-Jacuzzi and enchanted gardens.

    100 CUC daily for room

  • Luxury house in Cuba. Accommodation with pool and sight to the sea.

    Amazing luxury accommodation in Miramar. Wonderful rental house with swimming pool at the shore of the sea.

    400 CUC daily for 3 luxury rooms, 300 CUC daily for the suite. The whole house is 700 CUC daily.

  • Apartment for rent in Miramar. Accommodation with sight to the sea.

    Luxury apartment for rent in Miramar. 4 rooms rent with a beautiful sight to the sea.

    50 CUC daily for room.

  • Rent house with swimming pool in Cuba. Luxury rent in El Vedado

    Mansion in El Vedado is offered. Luxury accommodation with swimming pool in Cuba. Take advantage of this magnificent rent house in Havana for your holiday’s trip

    300 CUC por toda la vivienda

  • House with pool for rent in Cuba. Holidays: Luxury rent the Havana

    This luxury rent in Havana is designed for you spend your best holidays in Cuba. The house has an impressive swimming pool to have fun with your friends.

    400 CUC diarios por toda la casa