Buying selling houses in Cuba, Havana, Apartments for sale

En Cuba offers a wide range of houses for sale in scale: cheap and large properties. Our company works in a clear and transparent service, the buyer is provided with all the data that owners have in our database: full name, address, email and telephone number so the buyer and seller can have a right communication.

┬┐How to buy a property in Las Casas de Cuba?

The process is extremely simple. Each property for sale has a contact form that the client must successfully fill with all required data. If you reside outside the country all available information of the property will be send to you. Also if you have family or friends in our island, you can dispose of them to perform any procedure or visiting to the house. Our company fully accommodates your needs.

We can also recommend a group of jurists versed in housing legislation that will provide counseling, consultation, verification of documents and writings, processing or other services requested by you.

We even have services: constructive technical advice, repair and restoration of properties, at affordable prices. We have a competent and experienced personal in reconstruction and renovation.

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